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I cannot pair my cell phone or Bluetooth enabled device with the DinoTwin T2's?

Please make sure that on your cell phone/Bluetooth music device, the Bluetooth setting is enabled, and get the ear buds into Pairing Mode. To get the ear buds into Pairing Mode, with the ear buds fully charged (2 hours), press and hold the center square button ( ) for a 8 seconds, at this point you will see the LED light under the Right ear bud start to rapidly flash red/blue, this indicates Pairing Mode, and the headsets will stay in this mode for 2 minutes. On your cell phone/Bluetooth music device, go to the Bluetooth menu and you should see a prompt stating "Search" or "Search for Devices", press search, your cell phone/Bluetooth music device will start to scan for devices that are in Pairing Mode, if done correctly (which may take up to a minute depending on the phone), you will see "Dino Twin T2" pop up on the list, select it there should be another prompting to pair with it, hit yes (four zero's is the pass code should it ask for one).

Once this process is complete you will notice the rapidly flashing LED light go from red/blue to a blue light flashing twice every 4 seconds confirming a successful pair.

I hear static during music playback?

In most cases, the ear buds needs to be charged, if not please remember Bluetooth's range limitations and obstacles can interfere with a solid connection. The ear buds use the Bluetooth v4.0 profile and it is stated they operate at 10 meters (33 feet) from the Bluetooth device, this does not mean an "optimal range". An optimal range for any Bluetooth device is roughly a meter (3 feet) or so. We do recommend the use of an armband to hold the cell phone/Bluetooth music device, especially for sporting activities.

My cell phones/music devices not compatible with the DinoTwin T2's?

A frequent misconception is that your cell phone/Bluetooth music device just may not be compatible with these ear buds and 99% of the time this is due to not pairing correctly. Though the DinoTwin T2's use the latest Bluetooth version (version 4.0), some users may think if their cell phone/music device utilizes a lower Bluetooth version, there will be a compatibility issue. This is completely false, and quite the opposite. The ear buds utilize the latest Bluetooth specification and means that all cell phones/Bluetooth music devices utilizing 4.0 or below are 100% compatible.

Why doesn't the Play/Pause, Last/Next Song function not working?

As mentioned on the previous question, while all cell phones/Bluetooth music devices are compatible, some may not have certain features such as AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Protocol) which enables you to actually control the cell phone/Bluetooth music device features such as playing a song, then hitting the talk button to stop listening and take the call, and vice verse.

Please insure your phone/music device has this feature to obtain the full functionality of the DinoTwin T2's.

If your cell phone/Bluetooth music device does not have the AVRCP profile, you will have to use the actual cell phone/music device to change tracks, volume, answer calls, etc.

Lost my manual, where can I find a new one?

We have our manual online, please visit www.dinotwin.com/t2/download/t2_red.pdf or www.dinotwin.com/t2/download/t2_green.pdf

Cannot get them to stay firmly in my ears?

As with a lot ear bud headsets, sometimes finding the right fit can take a few tries as more customization is required than most standard headsets. We highly suggest using a mirror the first few times if using the ear stabilizers to see that they are firmly staying inside the flap in your ear (as referenced in the manual's diagram). Also, once you have a better understanding on how they should be placed, finding the right sized ear gel is also extremely important; some people have small ears and may require the small pair of gels, though some people with small ears may find the large gel works. Please try all sets when trying to find the optimal fit.

I am trying to pair the DinoTwin T2's using NFC but its not working?
Confirm your cell phone/Bluetooth music device has NFC built in. Some cell phone cases or music device cases may be too thick for this feature to work as the cell phone/music device and headset need about 1 centimeter or less for this feature to properly work.

Make sure NFC is enabled on your cell phone/Bluetooth music device; you can find this by reading the user manual that came with your cell phone/music device. Most importantly you need to know where the NFC chip is located in your cell phone/Bluetooth music device, as this area needs to come into contact with the NFC spot on the right ear bud of the headset (there is an NFC logo on the right bud to show where the NFC chip is located on the headset). The NFC location is usually on the back of the cell phone/Bluetooth music device, generally in the middle, but depending on the model this may vary; please refer to the cell phone/music device's user manual for the location.

Once the spot is found, with the T2's turned on (standby mode only – meaning just have them on by pressing the center button for approx. 4 seconds), place the right ear bud, where the NFC logo is, onto the NFC location of the phone, if done correctly, a prompt on the screen will show connecting to the DinoTwin T2's.

Just tap them again on this location and they will disconnect as well and then just power the headset down by holding the Description: MFB button for 4 seconds.

How do I register my headsets so my warranty is valid?

Please visit our support page at www.dinotwin.com/support to enter your information and register your headset, please remember all information is strictly confidential and never shared. This is to validate the purchase in order to activate the warranty.

Music/voice breaks up at certain distances from the Bluetooth device?

Although the ear buds do have the latest Bluetooth version (v4.0) and it is stated that a connection can go up to 10 meters (33 feet), this does not in any way mean you will get a solid connection at this distance. As with most Bluetooth headsets, the optimal distance is approximately 1 meter (3 feet) from the device, with little or no obstacles to block the Bluetooth signal. Even body mass may interfere with this signal, meaning since the Bluetooth antennae is in the controller, which is on the right side of the headset, and your cell phone/music device is in your left pocket, this may cause a slight "break" in signal. We always recommend and armband for your device, and for it to be on the right arm, providing an optimal range.

Are the DinoTwin T2 Hydro's waterproof/sweat proof?

They are named the "Hydro Editions" due to the fact each unit was nanocoated with Liquipel's© special patented solution to prevent sweat damage or a freak splash of water; but we do not endorse in any way, shape or form that liquid comes into contact with the headset. Please remember that this is a coating, though for some, it might be highly effective, for others, more perspiration may have more of an impact on the coating. Remember there is a hole in the controller where the microphone is and another hole on the right ear bud where the LED indicator light is.

Not getting as much playback time?

This varies greatly on usage. While the ear buds will provide a full 8 hours of playback time, remember that may be affected by a few things, such as how loud the music or voice is set at, the distance of the headset and cell phone/music device (more power may be used as the

distance between the two are), etc. We also strongly recommend never playing them at full volume as there has been studies linked up to hearing loss due to constant high levels of music and/or voice via in-ear audio headsets.

How do I factory reset the DinoTwin T2's?

While charging, press and hold the Up button for 4 seconds until the LED flashed red and blue and you will hear four distinctive tones indicating the Factory Reset.